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What We Do

Our board-certified team of genetic counselors and clinical geneticists are experts in counseling for neurologic, cancer, prenatal, and reproductive indications.

Our clinic see patients for the following indications:

  • Pregnancy or preconception testing options
  • Fertility treatment
  • Personal or family history of cancer
  • Presymptomatic testing for Huntington's disease
  • Concerns about conditions running in their family
  • Your genetic testing results
  • Whether genetic testing is right for you

What to Expect

You can call or email the genetic counseling office to schedule your appointment. At the appointment, your genetic counselor will speak with you about your personal and family history, review any genetic testing/screening results and/or ultrasound results you might have and assess the risk for a genetic condition. Your genetic counselor may recommend and coordinate genetic testing.

What is Included

  • One-on-one consult either in person, via telephone, or via video conference from the comfort of your home
  • Online video resources
  • Online family history tools for personalized care
  • Coordination of appropriate genetic testing
  • Communication of results

Our Team

Sandra Darilek, MS, CGC
Sandra Darilek, MS, CGC
Jamie Fong, MS, CGC
Jamie Fong, MS, CGC
Salma Nassef, MS, CGC
Salma Nassef, MS, CGC
Ashley Spector, MS, CGC